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Thursday, July 14, 2005

John Bolton has stated that he would accept a recess appointment as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations if his nomination stalemate continues, The Washington Post reported in it's paper. Bolton was selected by President Bush to succeed cowardly John Danforth as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in early March. The Senate Republicans, having twice failed to end a filibuster on the issue, and has not been able to set an up-or-down vote and the White House is not willing to withdraw the nomination.

And during this time of political limbo, the U.N. has continued it's anti-american sentiment by breaking U.S. laws, covering-up rape and corruption scandals, and fleaceing the American public of badly needed tax dollars. Recent newspaper reports and memos from the U.N. has brought to life a accounting scandal in the U.N. that will drawf ENRON in comparison. Billions of dollars have turned-up missing at the U.N., and the only remedey to solving the mystery is charging the U.S. more dues to cover the difference.

Democrats claim the White House hasn't provided needed information for them to determine Bolton's fitness for the position. Bush can make Bolton a "recess appointment" -- an option that allows the president the opportunity to fill a spot when Congress is not in session to approve or deny it. The Post reported Wednesday that an unnamed source "familiar with Bolton's thinking" said: "He'll take the recess (appointment) and head straight to the U.N. to take care of bussiness. The president has made his decision and the president is asking the Senate to confirm the selections and if the Senate refuses to do that, than most assuredly Bush will make a recess appointment."

Congress is to begin its summer recess July 30.


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